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Youth Enterprise Charter

Our Vision

To cultivate an entrepreneurial culture amongst the city’s next generation of business people. Our vision is to work with young people aged from 4 – 24  to secure a positive and sustainable future for the City. All of this is achieved through engaging with successful companies and individuals to form solid partnerships. Our vision encourages the experience and passion to develop the young people and future entrepreneurs of our City.

Our vision is to establish a spectrum of enterprise opportunities to allow all young people aged from 4-24 to engage with enterprise.

Our vision is shared with our partners in local business and successful entrepreneurs.                                       

Our Belief

We believe that allowing young people to engage in enterprise education while in  school, doubles the potential of them starting their own business, becoming self sufficent and building their own future. We believe that entrepreneurs really can be made with the right support, direction and encouragement.

We believe we have a responsibility to allow young people to be enterprising and teach them the entrepreneurial mindset. Doing this will build their personal confidence, aspiration levels and make them ambitious. We can make them influence their own opportunities in the 21st century.

We believe there is a need to promote young entrepreneurs as role models both within and outside the City.

Our Aims:

The Youth Enterprise Charter alongside the Employment Charter formalises a set of principals designed to bridge the gap between education and business. They both allow young people, teachers/tutors and businesses to work together in partnership. This engagement helps to develop young people’s knowledge and understanding of enterprise so they can become either enterprising employees or future entrepreneurs. 

The Charter agrees the ways in which businesses can work together with students, teachers/tutors. It creates a common understanding of the skills, language and expectations of Hull’s young people as they become more enterprising. 

The following provides examples of how teachers/tutors and businesses can work in partnership to support the development of  enterprise skills in Hull’s young people.

Through supporting the above activities young people, teachers/tutors and businesses will achieve a range of the outcomes listed below.