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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

12th - 16th November 2012



Day 1 Monday 12th November – Hull Environmental Enterprise Challenge


100 twelve and thirteen year olds from Malet Lambert School in East Hull took part in the Hull Environmental Enterprise Challenge at The Exchange Wilberforce Court. The students were given a secret brief to come up with a business idea and then promote this to a group of judges chaired by former BBC Apprentice star Ruth Badger. Students chosen for the activity were from a variety of abilities but had already demonstrated enterprising skills by showing a positive attitude, punctuality and good attendance in school. As an ice breaker the students had to build a free standing tower out of string, spaghetti and tape and place marshmallow on the top the winning team were given a small prize from John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank.

Working in groups of five, students had to decide on roles including managing director, finance, IT, marketing & PR as they had to take on the role of top-flight marketing consultants to design an App for an iPhone in order to promote Hull and encourage people to be environmentally friendly? At the start of the challenge the students were told about how smart phones and tablets are in society with many people owning some type of handheld device and that it is said there is an app for everything.

From news to weather and business to pleasure, Apps allow people to have instant access to array of information or entertain at a touch of a button. As the students developed their concepts the Judges were looking at the App and concept the students came up with as well looking at how each team used the ‘Big 13’ enterprise skills

Students then had to explain their idea, design a marketing campaign, calculate the cost of both making the product and selling it and finally, identify a target market. Following these deliberations, and most challenging of all, they had to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from local organisations.

The Judges were:

Dr Elaine McMahon CBE Chief Executive & Principal Hull College Group

Neil Hudgell Managing Director of Neil Hudgell Solicitors

Jenny Longden City Works Training

John Readman Hull City Council

Ruth Badger

John Meehan Owner Meehan Media & Comms


Six teams presented their ideas to the judges. The teams were as follows:

1st Place - THE HOME DESIGN members were Daniel Green, Finley Grannon, Charlie Cooper, Ryan Tyso - £250 sponsored by Neil Hudgell Solicitors

2nd Place - ECO TECH members were William Smith, Robert Rispin, Ban Sanderson, William Shaw - £125 sponsored by KC

3rd Place - THE ONLY WAY IS HULL members were Jasmine Rushworth, Ellie Haughton, Millie Jacobs, Naomi Suter, Olivia Limon - £80 sponsored by Xuro Computers

4th Place - THE GEEKS members were Jack Naulls, Darren Tailor, Phoebe Oglesby, Kiera Birch - £50 sponsored by St Stephens

5th Place - GLOBAL ZOOM members were Amy Harrison, Emma Newmarch, Larissa Powell, Jessica Bennett, Elise Kates - £50 sponsored by The Exchange

6th Place - ECO & FRIENDLY members were Holly Satchwell, Matty Hayward, Talia Blain, Charlotte Fowler, Leah Hobley - £50 sponsored by Hull Training

At the end of the event, all teachers, students and business volunteers were asked to complete an evaluation, the results of which clearly showed that the event had been a success. Teachers in particular felt that the event had significantly developed students’ enterprise capabilities as set out in Hull’s Big 13 Enterprise Skills. The winner of £20 in vouchers at this event for completing the evaluation was Millie aged 13.

Other Highlights

All the students received a copy of Green growth, blue horizons produced by Hull & East Yorkshire Bondholders

Oliver Stephens and James Tether set up Enviro-Hull at the end of day that create's money in an environmental way with new twitter site @EnviroHull

There was some inspiring interaction between students and members of the local business community as well as with international business guru and former BBC Apprentice star Ruth Badger.

The Art Department of Malet Lambert School and the Green Queens presented Ruth with a life paper mache size model of “The Badger”

All students were encouraged to twitter their experience on the day via @GEWHULL @GEWUK #GEWHULL #FutureHull and #GEWUK

Ruth Badger said: “It was a privilege to start Hull’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebrations and work with pupils from Malet Lambert School who certainly were very innovative and enterprising throughout the day, they clearly demonstrate why Hull is such an enterprising place. I was also honoured to receive the “Badger” model made by pupils at the School even though it does make me look stern.”

Oliver Wilson Director, Xuro Computers said: “It was great to be involved with such an exciting and well organised event. The young people came up with brilliant ideas and showed how much can be achieved through communication and teamwork. I only wish that every school would get as involved with enterprise as Malet Lambert as a former pupil I know that I have benefited by their approach and am pleased that they are supporting me as an apprentice whilst I am running my own business.”


Day 2 Tuesday 13th November – Hull Ready Celebration


This event saw primary school pupils, teachers, business people, educationalists and local councillors all come together to celebrate the third year of the Hull Ready programme and hear how successful our young people had been in Making £5 Blossom. This programme aims to raise awareness of enterprise in schools in a practical and engaging way, both with teachers and pupils.

Popular presenter Blair Jacobs hosted the fourth anniversary celebration of Hull Ready. Initially, a group of children from four of the schools which had already been involved with the Make £5 Blossom project showcased their skills to the 100 strong audience of opinion formers in the city, telling them in detail what each had done with the £150 loans provided by their local business partners.

A group of children from Victoria Dock Primary, Neasden, St Richards and Paisley Primary Schools outlined to the business, education and political leaders about their enterprising activities. In the true spirit of Entrepreneurship Week the tables were then turned on the adults to do a bit of work and they were set a task by pupils from Longhill Primary School to see how each table could work as a team in building a “paper” raft in order to transport the coal in along a canal in 19th Century this had been developed as part of their places and people project in the school.

Each raft was than floated in a fish tank as the pupils from Longhill added weights to see how secure the raft was and to see how many weights it could carry. The adults clearly demonstrated a number of the Big 13 enterprise skills and the winners overall were

table 4 that was made up of Hannah Crookes from Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce Anna Millar of KC and Lynda Brown, Suzanne Moulson and Margaret Silcox of the Co-operative their raft managed to survive with 1.5Kg of weights added to it before it sank “Girl Power” . It just beat the team on Table 1, made up from John Millar Department Business Innovation and Skills, Sean Royce KC, Martin Craven Managing Director AAK UK Limited, Sarah Longthorn and Laura Booth of Wedgewelly, Debbie Page of Claughtons and Charlie Spencer of the Spencer Group who managed 3.5Kg of weights

Other Highlights

Ruth Badger gave a witty and informative presentation about her life and experience in the BBC Series The Apprentice. She also praised the city’s efforts in supporting its enterprising young people and commented how much she had enjoyed listening to the young people’s presentations.

John Meehan gave a typical witty presentation on what Meehan Media & Comms is currently up to and outlined his views on social media and its role in generating customers for a business whilst tweeting about @GEWHULL #GEWHULL at the same time

Sean Royce, Commercial and Finance Director, KC gave an outline of why they had established KC Invest and making available £660K investment in business support projects including the Youth Enterprise Bank. Sean also gave a brief overview of KC community support and the grants they give

Delegates were shown a video produced about last years activities in Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull alongside one featuring a range of international backers of the week.

Look North came down to film the event and interview Ruth Badger about the work Hull does to support its enterprising young people that also featured Young entrepreneur of Year 2009 Amanda Hartley as part of their feature on youth unemployment, the article also featured Hull Studio School.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was great to see so many local businesses give their time and money so freely in aid of such an innovative programme of events. The scariest moment was when we had to show how enterprising our table was. I am not sure that we impressed the pupils but we did our best.

Kerry-Ann Burrell

The Pioneer Co-operative Trust Co-ordinator

“The Humber Area of the Co-operative was delighted to support this exciting initiative. The Society and its family of businesses have a long association with enterprise around the world and hopes that Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull will go onto to inspire young people to become more enterprising, especially as this year is International Year of Co-operation – I fully enjoyed my time in Hull at the primary event.”

Lynda Brown

Member Humber Area Co-operative Committee

“I really enjoyed the Hull Ready event, especially as we are in the middle of Round 8 of the programme with Clifton Primary. It was great to see how each of the schools has really adopted the ideas of enterprise skills and how this concept is growing within their school curriculum leading to the children becoming involved in even more business enterprise activities, I only wish we had such a programme to work with in West Yorkshire.”

Ross Bennett

Tellatale Educational Productions

“All the children who attended and presented on behalf of their schools were excellent and should be proud of their efforts in developing enterprising activities both within their schools and their communities, I am sure their teachers and families are delighted with their achievements, it goes without saying that Hull’s future is safe in their hands.”

Valerie Sprague


Day 3 Wednesday 14th November – Hull Our City and the Mail at the heart of it”

The day was titled ‘Our City – The Mail at the heart of it’. It was facilitated by popular BBC presenter Blair Jacobs and representatives of the Hull Daily Mail. The pupils were treated to a warm welcome from Councillor Danny Brown, the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber in his chains and robes of office.

At the start of the day Jamie Macaskill, Assistant Editor at Mail News and Media set the scene by informing the young people about the role of the local newspaper in the community before a group of students from Hull College played out short scenes written for the day by local playwright Kate Brenan of Act the Facts about how reporters gather news and develop advertising content for the Hull Daily Mail.

During the day pupils attended a press conference relating to a big local news story which was about the building of a statue to Luke Campbell local boxer who won a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games. The pupils got to play the role of journalists by listening and asking questions real life journalists in order to help them write a story for the Hull Daily Mail. Pupils also had to speak to local business owners who would like to advertise in the Hull Daily Mail in particular a florist and smoothie business who were having difficulties in attracting new customers, as part of this the pupils learnt how to question a business for the right information to create an advert.

The pupils than went on to take the news and advertising content they had gathered and had to write a news story or design an advert that would appear in the Hull Daily Mail. After lunch the pupils learnt about how the editorial content gets onto the newspaper page and on the website and how the adverts get onto the newspaper page and on the website. They than went on to learn how we get the newspaper into the shops and delivered to homes, whilst understanding what makes people buy a newspaper.

Certificates / Awards were given out by Claire Young and Jamie Macaskill, Assistant Editor at Mail News and Media for:

1. Most Creative Story £400 Cash and Vouchers donated by the Co-operative went to the team from The Parks Primary

2. Best Headline £200 Cash and Vouchers donated by Malet Lambert School went to the team from St James Primary

3. Most Creative Advert £130 Cash and Vouchers donated by KC went to the team from Gillshill Primary

4. Teamwork Award £100 Cash and Vouchers donated by Andrew Marvell School went to the team from St Nicholas Primary

5. Best Journalist £ 80 Vouchers donated by Victoria Dock Primary went to Ellie Harris of Appleton Primary

6. Team that most used the 13 Enterprise Skills £80 Vouchers donated by St Stephens went to the team from Bellfield Primary

At the end of the event, all teachers, students and business volunteers were asked to complete an evaluation, the results of which clearly showed that the event had been a success. Teachers in particular felt that the event had significantly developed students’ enterprise capabilities as set out in Hull’s Big 13 Enterprise Skills. The winner of £20 in vouchers sponsored by City Works at this event for completing the evaluation was Adele from St Richards Primary

The teachers in general thought that the day had been extremely positive, with most thinking that the session had given pupils an excellent introduction to how a city works and the businesses within them.

Other Highlights

Claire Young former BBC Apprentice gave an informative take to pupils and helped them with their enterprising day as well as encouraging them to tweet about their expperiences

A Networking Village featuring stands from a wide range of Hull companies and organisations.

Every young person received a delegate pack featuring information about the day and information on the Big13 Enterprise Skills and clapper each.

Mail News and Media prepared front page reports for each team of what the pupils had produced.

Every young person received a T-shirt provided by the sponsors Co-operative, St Stephen’s and Mail News and Media.


“The “Our City and the Mail at the heart of it” day at the University engaged and educated the children. The opportunities and activities that you provided for the children throughout Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 were fantastic. It is a privilege for our school to be involved with the events organised by The Hull Ready Team.”

Chris Dawson

Gillshill Primary School

As always Broadacre Primary School feel privileged to be asked to be part of GEW, it raises much excitement amongst the children. It always amazes me when the children realise that they use the 13 enterprise skills everyday in their school work and how just one week can build up so much self esteem. Looking forward to GEW 2013 so book us in NOW!!!

Suzanne Moulson

Broadacre Primary School

Business Volunteer and Supporter Comments

“The children seemed to really enjoy the day, and seem to gained an insight into how a newspaper works and that it is there to make money as well as serving its local community. I was very impressed with how the young people responded so positively and confidently and produced great work throughout the day.”

Kate Brennan

Act the Facts


Day 4 Thursday 15th November - Post 16 Enterprise Masterclass


Around 200 sixteen to eighteen year olds and their tutors from a range of post 16 educational programmes in Hull attended this inspirational day at Staff House at the University of Hull.

As young people approach any transition point within their education it is vital that they are equipped with relevant information so they can make informed choices. For transition to post 16 and post 19 they need to be able to talk about their hopes and ambitions and to hear positive views from those around them. Taking part in Global Enterprise Week enables young people to start exploring the skills they will need for their future; by listening to influential employers and mentors and working with others to explore and understand the information provided it will allow them to have a positive and beneficial experience which will assist them in making the right choice.

Inspiration was provided by a number of guest speakers who all gave personal reflections on their own unique journeys and the lessons that each had learnt from them. The highlight of which was international business guru Ruth Badger, who had featured prominently in the BBC Apprentice series.

There were keynote addresses from three widely different local entrepreneurs. Hull’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 Amanda Hartley told the young people how she had realised her dream of opening a florists only a couple of years after leaving school, defying some people who said she was too young and that the business would not survive the recession. while Phil Benson of Xing Health spoke about the development of his business, including the initial impulse to set up following a visit to America and on to the present with their opening of a Xing shop in the heart of the Shambles in York and their new school programme, he also said they were now opening a Smoothie Bar in partnership with pupils from Winifred Holtby School that was sponsored by the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank

The young people then moved from the theoretical to the practical, working in teams to complete the Badger’s Sett activity. Each team was set the challenge of coming up with a marketing concept for a product or service using an object placed on each group’s table as inspiration. Each group then had 45 minutes to come up with the name of the product, the retail cost and suitable marketing material, all of which had to be linked to the opportunities offered relating to renewables industry

They were then thrown into the Badger’s Sett, meaning they had to give a dynamic four -minute presentation to a panel of senior heads of local organisations. One person from each team was also allowed to make a one minute pitch to a video camera.

The Judges were:

1 Andrew Devenport Chief Executive of Youth Business International

2 Nick Sangwin Sangwins

3 Mike Pennington Publisher (MD) Mail News & Media

4 Jonathan Leafe MD Strawberry

5 Keith Madeley MBE Chairman of the Yorkshire Society

6 Kenton Robbins IoD Regional Director Yorkshire & Humberside

7 Ruth Badger

8 Sam Whitaker, CEO of Esteem

The Winning Teams

• First Prize £300 worth of vouchers donated by Hull Training went to Wilberforce College

• Second Prize £200 worth of vouchers donated by Hull Studio School went to Hull University

• Third Prize £150 worth of vouchers donated by Institute of Directors went to Franklin College

• Fourth Prize £100 worth of vouchers donated by KH Smilers went to Hull College

• Fifth Prize £100 worth of vouchers donated by Co-operative went to City Works

• Sixth Prize £100 worth of vouchers donated by Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce went to Hull Training

• Video Pitch winner£100 worth of vouchers donated by sponsored by CityWorks went to £100 - Sirius Academy

• Evaluation winner £20 worth of vouchers donated by sponsored by CityWorks went to Laura from Hull College


“I enjoyed the speech from Ruth Badger; she is vey inspiring and makes me want to start up my own business. To improve, maybe not put the speakers at the end because by then lots of people had left or lost interest, as a team we was pleased to win and I know that I am ready to run my own business and will turn my college project into one called Mosh News”

Kallum Green, Wilberforce College

“I told the young people how important they are – they are the next business generation. They need to believe in themselves and actually get out there and do something and they certainly showed their entrepreneurial skills when they faced the judges at this event just like in Wolverhampton where I was born & Manchester where I work, Hull should be proud of its young people as they are truly enterprising.”

Ruth Badger

International Business Consultant

“The young people’s imaginations when presenting their product ideas was great and they clearly thought through what they intended saying to the judges and were not going to be distracted in putting over their case.”

Blair Jacobs

Blair Jacobs Communications

“I’ve been involved in judging young people’s enterprise skills for a few years and Thursday’s event definitely matched the excellent standards set over the years. Much credit goes to the students themselves and also to their tutors for the creative, off-the-wall ideas and for their enthusiasm in presenting those ideas. Not easy to face a panel of judges but they did it with a confidence that bodes well for future entrepreneurship in the city. We should also be very proud of the organisers.”

Kenton Robbins IoD Regional Director Yorkshire & Humberside

Other Highlights

Pauline Davis Interim LEP Director gave a presentation titled Hull: What Can My City Offer Me? So the delegates were aware of the employment, business and skill training opportunities in the City.

Andrew Devenport Chief Executive of Youth Business International the national organisers of Global Entrepreneurship Week outlined the importance of the week as an integral part of the UK’s commitment to youth enterprise.

Throughout the event young people were encouraged to tweet using hash tags #GEWHULL #GEWUK and follow @GEWUK @HullsEnterprise @GEWHULL

It was announced that thanks to support from Hull Training in partnership with Jobcentre Plus and Cityworks it was possible for young entrepreneurs to get FREE access to hot desking facility in the Lee Creamer Youth Enterprise Suite at Kingston House.

A vibrant Networking Village with stands from a range of different supporters of youth enterprise in Hull.


Final Badgers Sett Enterprise Challenge 2012


As events in Hull were well underway for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 young people were gearing up to pitch their business idea to former Apprentice star Ruth Badger and Patron of the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership to win investment in their enterprising idea including mentoring and cash as well as ongoing support

The judges of the Badgers Sett Enterprise Challenge had to judge three different categories and decide who the overall winner was for 2012. The winners were:

Primary school category

Victoria Dock Primary for their stationary business idea, they won £500 for their idea.

Secondary school category

T-Dye from Newland School for Girls won £300 which was doubled by Iain Bland of Paragon Data Services.

16 - 24 year old category

Core Cricket, a Cricket Coaching business won £300 worth of mentoring from capability Mentors and the opportunity of getting a further investment of up £750 from John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank

The overall winner was Loui Fowler (14) of Malet Lambert for his retractable educational and sporting banners he won £750 which was doubled by Ruth Badger as well as over £2,000 worth of mentoring support and the opportunity to supply materials for Hull’s £5 Blossom programme and Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013, Loui is already in discussions with Hull FC about his sporting banner promoting them.

Ruth said: "All the finalists were very enterprising and were a credit to your Future Hull programme and the work of the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership, Loui’s idea was simple yet potentially very profitable and any young person who has the confidence to take on me and my Badgers deserves credit, I was pleased to attend Malet Lambert Awards evening to present Loui with his prize and meet his parents and pupils of the school”

"We had some fantastic business ideas from all the different age ranges and all the young people from primary schools or looking to set up in business were very inspirational, there is no doubt in my mind that Hull is leading the way in nurturing future entrepreneurial talent”

“This year the competition had over 1,000 hits on the website www.hullbadgers.co.uk, which resulted in 75 enquiries, 37 entries and 16 projects had to present their ideas so Loui certainly can claim to be a truly entrepreneurial young person and I look forward to working with him in the future”

Loui Fowler said: “Its amazing to have won the Badgers Sett Enterprise Challenge 2012 and I can only hope that I bring credit to my City and family and I look forward to further developing my idea with support from Phil Benson of Xing, Fan Frames and Iain Bland and of course my teacher Stephen Logan.”



Day 5 Programme Friday 16th November - Secondary School Enterprise Masterclass

Young people from Hull secondary schools attended an Entrepreneurship Masterclass along with pupils from Hessle High School and Hull Studio School. The Masterclass is designed to challenge young people to think about starting their own business as a career and becoming an entrepreneur. This is achieved by introducing the young people to local role models, as well as inspiring them through presentations, activities and discussion centred on their own life experiences, vision and achievements. The event began with a welcome by BBC presenter Blair Jacobs who outlined what the event was about and talked about the importance young people play in the future of the city of Hull. As an ice breaker the students had to build a free standing tower out of string, spaghetti and tape and then place a marshmallow on the top, the winning team was the one that could produce the tallest tower with their limited resources.

The day’s main guest speaker, international businesswoman and runner up in the BBC Apprentice series, Ruth Badger, who focused on the importance of having the right attitude in business and in life, provided the first inspiration of the day. During her presentation Ruth praised the city’s young people for their enterprising attitudes, in particular those that she had met whilst judging the Badger’s Sett Enterprise Challenge the day before.

As proof of this, the young people then heard from a variety of young local entrepreneurs including Bronwyn Wilson of Crazy Critter World who set up her business aged 14, Hull’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 Amanda Hartley of Amanda’s Blue Orchid,, Phil Benson of Xing Health also told of how discovering ‘smoothies’ had provided the inspiration to develop their business he also said they were now opening a Smoothie Bar in partnership with pupils from Winifred Holtby School that was sponsored by the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank. All of these young entrepreneurs had received funding for their businesses from the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank.

By the afternoon, it was time to put some of the ideas from the morning’s presentations into practice. They were asked to develop a marketing concept for a random object given to them and to pitch this to the Badger’s Sett. Each group had 45 minutes to come up with the name of the product, the retail cost and suitable marketing material. It was then time to present to the Chair Ruth Badger and her fellow judges.

Six teams were identified to present to the Badger’s Sett, with Ruth and her Badgers giving each team a real grilling before retiring to make their deliberations. Top of the pile came Eco Buddy from Malet Lambert School who won £400 donated by Arco. Second place, and £200 courtesy of Hull College Group went to Hydro of Hessle High , whilst behind them came Solar Comb from Malet Lambert who won £130 donated by Malet Lambert School, Fourth and fifth spots went to Hydro Bath Experience from Sirius Academy and Waterwonder from Winifred Holtby School and Solar Dog from Malet Lambert taking sixth place. These three prizes of £80 worth of vouchers were donated by some of the city’s young entrepreneurs Force-7, Buildlife and Xing Smoothies.

Best Video £800 – sponsored by CityWorks went to E Accessorise from Mewland School for Girls

Evaluation Draw £20 – sponsored by CityWorks went to Declyn from Trinity House School

At the end of the event, all teachers, students and business volunteers were asked to complete an evaluation, the results of which clearly showed that the event had been a success. Teachers in particular felt that the event had significantly developed students’ enterprise capabilities as set out in Hull’s Big 13 Enterprise Skills.


“Another excellent day as part of GEW 2012 well planned, informative and enjoyable. I saw the pupils from our school interact with confidence with some of Hull’s well-known young entrepreneurs as well as ‘The Badger’ who was great again!

Kerry-Ann Burrell

Andrew Marvell College

“This is Force-7’s fifth year involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week and as always I saw lots of future entrepreneurs who in years to come will be presenting to similar events to inspire new generations. What’s more, I saw future enterprising employees that are the key to our city’s future especially in these difficult times with over 1 million young people in the UK unemployed.

Phil Batty,

Managing Director, Force-7

“It was a fantastic experience to see all pupils start with nothing and all end up with a product. Pupils carried out their own surveys and then presented quality pitches to the judges, and even those who did not pitch were not disappointed at not winning, just not pitching. There was an enterprising buzz around the whole room all day.”

Kenton Robins

Institute of Directors


Day 5 Friday 16th November - Celebration Evening

Hull Youth Enterprise Awards 2012

The winners were announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week's Awards and Celebration evening on Friday 16th of November at the University of Hull's Staff House.

In the five categories, the following won:

1. Hull's most enterprising secondary school is Malet Lambert with Andrew Marvell as runner up.

2. Hull's most enterprising teacher is Stephen Logan of Malet Lambert School with Chris Dawson of Gillshill Primary as runner up.

3. The Hull business that has done the most to promote enterprise education in Hull is St Stephens with Arco as runner up.

4. Hull's most enterprising primary school is Gillshill with Victoria Dock as runner up.

5. The Hull company that has done the most to promote an enterprising culture in the city went to KC with Arco as runner up.

6. Hull’s Young entrepreneur of the Year 2012 is Phil Batty, MD Force-7.

Also at the Award evening, held at Staff House at the University of Hull, Nick Hildyard Joint Managing Director of Arco was recognised for his on going support to Hull’s enterprising young people when he received the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Award and the Lee Creamer Youth Enterprise Award went to Graham Henderson.

Ruth Badger, BBC Apprentice star and international businesswoman said:

"It is always a pleasure and a privilege to support Hull in the way it supports its enterprising young people. The work that partners are doing in your city is absolutely brilliant. I am pleased to see such a range of individuals, schools and businesses recognised for supporting your enterprising young people, Hull is a beacon of enterprise and I am proud to be the patron of your Youth Enterprise partnership”

Stephen Logan, Malet Lambert School Hull's Most Enterprising Teacher 2012 said:

"It was a great honour for the second year running to be announced as the recipient of the title of Hull's Most Enterprising Teacher and I am pleased that this year there are so many nominations in each section clearly showing Hull has real commitment through the Youth Enterprise Partnership and the business community to develop the enterprising skills of young people.

"With the right support and encouragement our young people are truly enterprising and whilst not all will go on to be entrepreneurs of the future, they certainly will be more enterprising in their outlook and in the workplace, I was also pleased that Malet Lambert School were announced as most enterprising secondary school."

Phil Batty MD Force-7 Hull’s Young entrepreneur of Year 2012 said

“I am pleased to follow in the footsteps of Amanda, Dave and Bronwyn as Hull’s Young Entrepreneur of Year and I am looking forward to acting as an ambassador for the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership, in particular in promoting the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank and the new start up loans programme for young people”